Thursday, March 21, 2019

Paint Shirts

Yesterday was the first day of the painting projects we do with first grade for our Eric Carle books.  Students created various patterns using watercolor.  Over the next two Wednesdays, we will be doing other rather messy projects with acrylic paints.  If your child did not already bring a paint shirt to school, they should do so before next Wednesday. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

Student Absences/ Early Pick-Ups

We need your help!  If your student is going to be absent, late to school, or picked up early (shows, dentist or doctor appointments, trips, etc.) please email Mrs. Peckman, the office, and me with the specific times.  Thank you!

Barnstormers Reading Contest

Our classroom will be participating in the Reading with the Barnstormers reading rewards program.  The program is designed to incentivize students to increase their reading in order to receive a complimentary Barnstormers game ticket. 

This 15th season also includes a new reading challenge.  Schools and students compete by tracking minutes of reading each week by students.  Top schools will have lunch with Cylo and will get to participate in a field of dreams experience.  Top individual readers in each school will also be rewarded.  The contest is based on minutes/hours read.  You will be able to track your school's progress along with the school's top reader with the weekly updates posted on

Your child will have a graph in the reading log portion of his/her binder.  Students should color in the number of minutes they read each night.  When the chart is completed on Thursday evening, parents should sign the chart.  We will collect the finished charts at school on Friday and send home a new chart for the next week.  This is a great tie-in to our upcoming graphing unit in math!  We would love to have everyone participate.

Friday, March 8, 2019


We ask that second grade students no longer wear watches to school.  There has been a lot of unnecessary beeping.  😊  We do also have an analog clock that we've been encouraging students to read.  Thank you!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Reading Prizes- March

I was incorrect- that last month of Book-It is actually March. 😊  Students who complete this month's reading will earn a coupon for a Turkey Hill slushie and a free Italian Ice at Rita's.  As always, students can turn in their completed charts with a parent signature at any time during the month to collect this prize.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Sight and Sound

As you have already heard from the office, Sight and Sound has invited us to see their show, "Jesus". First and second grades will be going on Tuesday, March 26.  The tickets are complimentary, so we are going to see the show at no cost to you or the school. We are so excited for this opportunity!  Below are a few details about the trip:
  • We are looking for three chaperones to accompany us. (We specifically need fathers who can help with bathroom breaks for the boys.) If you are interested, please email me by this Friday, March 8.  If more than three parents respond, I will draw names.
  • All students should wear their Sunday best attire. For young men, this means a nice shirt (no t-shirts) and no jeans or sneakers. Young ladies should wear a nice dress or skirt, also no sneakers. 
  • We will be leaving school at 10:15. Because of this early departure we will be eating lunch in the afternoon after we return to school. Please send your child to school with a large snack that they can eat before we leave.
  • We will not be buying any food, drinks, or souvenirs from the gift shop.


I will be collecting all pizza charts Monday, March 4 for the last reading prize of the year. This month students will earn a free kid's meal at Friendly's. All completed reading charts must be signed by a parent. Happy reading!

*The coupons do say that they expire 12/31/18 but the manager assured me that they will still be accepted.